Monday, 10 June 2013

Last Hockey session

We had our last hockey session today. We played a game where some children had to knock down the cones and the rest of the children had to pick them up.  

We played a game like musical chairs but with hockey sticks. When the whistle was blown we had to run to a stick and make the hockey position. 

Our hockey positions. We have learnt so much. 

Before we play a game we practise passing the ball to our partner, remembering to stop it first. 

Then we play a game of hockey. 

Thank you Michelle we loved playing hockey. 

If you want to play hockey there are free sessions called fun sticks on Saturday morning. You don't even need your own stick. 

Here is the information from the last newsletter. 


A big thank you to Ashburton Borough School for taking part in Hockey NZ’s junior hockey programme, ActivePost Small Sticks. Mid Canterbury Hockey’s Participation Officer, Michelle Thompson, is delivering four hockey sessions to each class and she thinks you are all amazing.

After giving hockey a go we are sure you will agree hockey is a great sport and you might not have to wait until next year to play. If any children are interested in joining a club team for the winter hockey competition please email

Winter Hockey Competition Kwik Sticks Boys (Year 7-8) Mondays from 4.00 pm
Kwik Sticks Girls (Year 7-8) Tuesdays from 4.30 pm
Kiwi Hockey (Year 5-6) Saturdays at 9.30 am
Mini Sticks (Year 3-4) Saturdays at 10.30 am
Fun Sticks (Year 1 -2) Saturdays at 11.30 am


Please come and visit our new blue hockey turf, entrance via domain path corner of Elizabeth & Grigg Streets. For more information please visit our website

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